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Institute for Music and Neurologic Function

The Institute for Music and Neurologic Function's groundbreaking and internationally recognized research, education and training programs use music therapy to assist the "awakening and healing" of individuals with a wide range of neurological conditions including strokes, trauma, dementia, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.

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Mission: Through the scientific exploration of music and the brain, the IMNF seeks to establish new knowledge and to develop more effective music therapy treatments to awake, stimulate and heal through the extraordinary power of music.

History: The Institute developed out of the many years of clinical work and research of renowned author and neurologist Oliver Sacks, MD and music therapist Concetta M. Tomaino, DA, MT-BC, who demonstrated that people with neurological problems could learn to move better, remember more, and even regain speech when music was used in specific ways.

In 1995, under the leadership of Edwin H. Stern III, Arnold H. Goldstein, and the late Ben Rizzi, the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function was founded to pursue this passion, and this mission – to bring together the two worlds of basic neuroscience and clinical music therapy.

Research and Training: Directed by renowned music therapist Concetta M. Tomaino, the IMNF conducts research on the relationship between music and the brain, and offers our professional peers around the world the latest music therapy education and training information about best practices.

Considered a worldwide authority in clinical music therapy research and education, the IMNF offers the following resources:
  • Expertise in using music therapy to restore, maintain and improve the physical, emotional and neurological functioning of individuals who have suffered a stroke or brain trauma, have Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, Parkinson’s disease, or other diseases and conditions for which music therapy would be beneficial.
  • Vast clinical experience applying music therapy techniques to diverse client populations.
  • Internationally and nationally recognized training programs in music therapy.
The IMNF actively collaborates with leading organizations across the globe to develop and implement the most effective music therapy treatment programs through the methodical use of music, and to advance the understanding of applying the power of music to promote healing and wellness.

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Music Therapy

Music Therapy is available in the New York Metropolitan area for in-home or on-site sessions through the IMNF’s Music Therapy Professionals Practice.

Specialized programs for people with Parkinson’s Disease, Aphasia are offered at the state-of-the-art Rehabilitation Center at Wartburg.

IMNF offers a weekly “Healing Music” program for veterans with TBI and PTSD on site at Wartburg.

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Contact Us Today For More Information

Contact Us Today For More Information

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