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About Us
The Institute for Music and Neurologic Function (IMNF) is an internationally recognized non-profit agency offering groundbreaking music therapy programs to restore, maintain and improve patients’ physical, emotional and neurological function through the methodical use of music.
Moby Introduces the IMNF
The IMNF, considered a leading authority in clinical music therapy treatment, research and education, offers individuals in the New York City community a variety of resources, including:
• Expertise in treating neurological diseases such as stroke, trauma, Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and other diseases and conditions.
• Vast clinical experience applying music therapy techniques to diverse client populations.
• Internationally and nationally recognized training programs in music therapy.
Founded on the idea that music has unique powers to heal, rehabilitate and inspire, our goal is to improve patients’ quality of life through the implementation of successful music therapy treatments, using technology, musical instruments and voice.
Students from across the globe come to the IMNF to study with our music therapists, some of whom are considered industry leaders, to learn the most effective music therapy treatments.
For additional information on the programs and services offered by the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function, call
914-513-5292 or email  
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